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Marc D. Spetalnik, LSCW
I’m a licensed psychotherapist on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.


 have been in practice for over eighteen years treating adult individuals, couples, and their families. My clients are women and men of diverse ages, ethnicities and professional orientations, whose concerns and needs arise from a wide range of distinct histories. I have intensive practice experience with performing artists, and in treating persons whose lives have been impacted by compulsions and addictions.

No challenge, dilemma or crisis in life is either too minor or too severe that my professional experience may not prove helpful. If you bring to therapy those issues you feel nearly able to manage, but which could benefit from further understanding and attention: I can help you. If you are in crisis or deeply troubled; if you feel  immobilized; if you experience intense anxiety, or you are depressed: I can help you.

I hope that the time you spend looking through my site will provide an understanding of why and how I may be of service to you. If you have any additional questions about my practice, please feel free to contact me.

How can therapy help you?

Whether we are meeting for the first time, or we have met and worked together previously; whether we are beginning our conversation, or it is ongoing; whether you feel anxious or depressed, stressed by urgent matters or crisis, or you are feeling at ease and thinking clearly: certain questions are likely to accompany you into the room we will share for the hour...


Tightrope Walker

Performing artists confront distinct challenges related to emotional vulnerability to their audiences, as well as a range of other dilemmas associated to the essential nature of the performing arts world and to their career paths in it.

It has been wisely observed that all performers must at some point leave the stage and retire to their dressing room; that in its confines they can remove make-up and costume, reclaim their core identity, and permit some essence of themselves to interact with select others.

I conduct my work in a way safely insulated from the exposure, the constraints, and the demands of roles which a performing artist must enact on the designated stages of his/her life. I can thereby provide that metaphoric “dressing room” in which each performer may re-discover, reconstitute and cultivate an essential sense of being.

The years I have spent in study and participation in the performing arts world deeply inform my general clinical perspective and provide me with special resources of knowledge and attunement to clients who are themselves performing artists.



Illustration of person lost in a maze

All things that attract us, and which promise and sometimes deliver pleasure, can also threaten to touch a strand of vulnerability woven into us all: a latent potential for any gratifying experience to be transformed into a force operating beyond the reach of choice. When such a condition fully emerges it is called addiction.

I know and understand compulsions and addiction; I treat individuals at all levels of these most challenging conditions, and help them to reclaim and renew their lives. Among these persons are:

those who still struggle within lives driven by compulsion/addiction, perhaps still unable to acknowledge its presence as such;

those confronting persistent compulsions related to acknowledged addiction, and those still dealing with addiction’s complex impact upon their lives;

those persons among the many who have been touched by living experience in recovery: whose compulsions and addictions have been transformed within its unique and rewarding pathways, and who seek to deepen and enrich their connection to themselves and others.

If you recognize any aspect of yourself among these persons and are seeking help, please consider contacting me. contact me.


Aos Brasileiros

Flag of Brazil

Tenho mais de 18 anos de experiência trabalhando com individuos, casais e familias no campo da saude mental.

Além do diagnostico e da avaliação clínica contínua baseada em modelos psicológicos tradicionais, é essencial ao meu método profissional uma ênfase na sintonia cultural. Em particular, os meus 42 anos de contato com o Brasil e sua sociedade permite que eu integre o componente cultural ao processo terapeutico, os quais estão intimamente ligados. Radicado na área de Nova Iorque, morei por vários anos no Brasil, tenho fluência no idioma e faço frequentes visitas a colegas e amigos no Brasil.

Acredito que a lingua materna é práticamente indispensável na realização da tarefa clínica. O idioma original é o meio com o qual foi formada e cristalizada a experiência social do indivíduo e através do qual o cliente pode expressar ao profissional, de forma mais profunda e precisa, o seu verdadeiro "Eu." Sendo assim, o meu atendimento clínico à você, brasileiro, que pode estar enfrentando certos desafios psicológicos, sera realizado com maior eficiência através da lingua portuguesa agregada ao meu conhecimento da realidade sócio-cultural do Brasil.

Por estar investido profissionalmente em prover este beneficio, estou inteiramente à sua disposição na proposta de colaborarmos em busca de soluções aos dilemas que você possa estar enfrentando neste momento.

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About My Practice

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When you are distressed or troubled, or in crisis; when you feel unable to move beyond a difficult or painful situation and toward a promising solution: then you have arrived at a fork in your life's path which may be an opportunity for hopeful new direction. In working with you in such situations I therefore do not view you as separate in any way from other capable and whole persons who may not be at such a juncture, and who are not currently seeking professional help at this moment.

Your difficulties in living do not define you psychologically, nor do they diminish the whole of your identity. Whatever the discomfort or pain they may cause, your problems have provided an opportunity for you to seek and accept help. I treat them as indispensable guideposts to the positive outcomes of our work.

Through our collaborative work in therapy, I can guide you toward a more beneficial understanding of yourself and how you have lived. I can lead you to a greater awareness, acceptance and appreciation of your essence, and hence, to a better fit within your present life and toward a more hopeful future.

To learn more about my views on the practice of psychotherapy, please click the link below.

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In considering treatment with me you may have specific practical questions, as well as general concerns about my practice and my approach to therapy. You will find several discussions on this website which focus on topics in which I have particular interest and clinical experience: all reveal something of my approach to my work.

Please also take a look at the FAQs I've put together for you, which may provide further helpful information. If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

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