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How Can Therapy Help You?

How will we work together?

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Come in. Have a seat.

Whether we are meeting for the first time, or we have met and worked together previously; whether we are beginning our conversation, or it is ongoing; whether you feel anxious or depressed, stressed by urgent matters or crisis, or you are feeling at ease and are thinking clearly: certain questions are likely to accompany you into the room we will share for the hour:

“What will come up in our conversation?”
“How will that feel?”
“Will I be understood?”
“Will I be helped?”

I view psychotherapy as a collaborative process;
therefore you hold part of the answer to all these questions.

If you are seeking help and you recognize
that therapy may provide needed emotional support and comfort;
that it may provide valuable insight into your Self and your life experience;
that it may provide needed structure and direction for your thinking and behavior,

and if you recognize that you cannot fully provide these resources to yourself,
either alone or through the help of friends and family:

then you are already a motivated and able collaborator in the process of  therapy.

I suggest that you contact me so that we can discuss how we may work together.



Although I treat clients with a wide range of issues and concerns, I have intensive practice experience with persons challenged by compulsions, addictions and alcoholism. I also have particular attunement to the lives and concerns of performing artists, enhanced by my own history and experience as a musician. For some more information click the links below.


Services That I Offer

  • Individual Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Treatment for depression and anxiety
  • Treatment for trauma
  • Relationship counseling
  • Grief counseling
  • Crisis management
  • Life transition counseling


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More About My Practice

Photo of Marc D. Spetalnik, LCSW

When you are distressed or troubled, or in crisis; when you feel unable to move beyond a difficult or painful situation and toward a promising solution: then you have arrived at a fork in your life’s path which may be an opportunity for hopeful new direction. In working with you in such situations I therefore do not view you as separate in any way from other capable and whole persons who may not be at such a juncture, and who are not currently seeking professional help at this moment.

Your difficulties in living do not define you psychologically, nor do they diminish the whole of your identity. Whatever the discomfort or pain they may cause, your problems have provided an opportunity for you to seek and accept help. I treat them as indispensable guideposts to the positive outcomes of our work.

Through our collaborative work in therapy, I can guide you toward a more beneficial understanding of yourself and how you have lived. I can lead you to a greater awareness, acceptance and appreciation of your essence, and hence, to a better fit within your present life and toward a more hopeful future.

To learn more about my views on the practice of psychotherapy, please click the link below.

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